Family Focus


Who is it for?

This innovative program provides specialist support to families at risk of falling into homelessness. Sometimes it only takes one thing to make a family vulnerable and at risk of losing their home. A family member might get sick, the main breadwinner may be laid off from work or a couple might have issues with their relationship. Suddenly a once stable family can find problems snowballing and not know what to do to resolve them and be faced with the reality of homelessness.

What we do

Our Family Focus team offers practical support to families to stabilise a stressful situation. We don’t tell people what to do, but we can help ease the pressure – whether that’s negotiating with landlords, offering budgeting advice, assisting with emotional support or referring people who need drug, alcohol or gambling support services.

How we help

The ultimate aim is to prevent any further family, housing or financial problems which might lead to a family losing their home. However it’s just as important that we help families build up a ‘toolkit’ of strategies to help them cope on their own if they encounter any problems in the future.

The program, funded by the Australian Government, is delivered in partnership with Centrelink. More than 80% of families in Dandenong, Doveton, Endeavour Hills and Keysborough remained in housing, or improved their housing situation as a result of the support they received from Family Focus.

For more information click here to read a case study of one family who used the service.

How to access Family Focus

If you are an agency and wish to refer a client, or to find out more information about the program, please contact our Dandenong site.




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