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We are committed to raising awareness of the issues affecting people experiencing homelessness. We work closely with the media to raise awareness and advocate for social change.

Here’s a selection of recent coverage across a range of media.

Homelessness sector worries national focus is lost
14 May 2015, ABC PM (Simon Lauder
Hanover, Youth Projects and Homelessness Australia provide comment on the recent loss of funding to specialist homelessness employment services in an interview with ABC’s PM program.

Homeless, young job seekers miss out as services close
4 May 2015, The Age (Miki Perkins)
Due to a cut of federal funding, there has been a loss of specialist employment services. Tony Keenan provided comment and worked with The Age to provide background information on JSA funding.

Andrews asks Canberra to renew homelessness funding
3 Feb 2015, The Age (Clay Lucas)
Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews calls for Federal Government to renew commitment to funding of homelessness services.

Victorian Government pressures Tony Abbot over homelessness funding
3 Feb 2015, ABC News (Alison Savage)
Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has called for an urgent commitment from the Federal Government to support homelessness services in the sate before current funding arrangements expire.

Violence link to homelessness
3 Dec 2014, Bayside News (Stephen Taylor)
White Ribbon Day; Frankston ranks highly for reported incidents of family violence. Family violence is the number one driver of homelessness due to the lack of services for vulnerable women.

White Ribbon Day: How a women became homeless 
24 Nov 2014, The weekly Bayside review (Chloe Booker)
Story of a women and her child fleeing family violence to be supported by Hanover’s specialist children’s support service in South Melbourne.

Pathway to freedom
26 Aug 2014, Hume Leader 
Story of Kayla, a student of the Education First Youth Foyer situated at the Kangan TAFE.

Broadmeadows youth housing ‘changes lives’
18 Aug 2014, Northern Starweekly (Helen Grimaux)
The early achievements of the Education First Youth Foyer situated at Kangan Tafe in Broadmeadows, an initiative of Hanover and The Brotherhood of St Laurence.

Enabling students at risk of homelessness
14 Aug 2014, ABC Radio National (Patricia Karvelas)
The program addresses youth homelessness and the Education First Youth Foyer Initiative of Hanover and The Brotherhood of St Laurence designed to enable at risk students to achieve their goals.

Hanover: How the agency changed a young woman’s life
14 July 2014, The Weekly Review Bayside and Port Philip (Teresa Murphy)
A story about Sophie* and how Hanover supported her to find permanent housing and reach her goals.

Rosie Batty teams up with GPs to help family violence victims

2 July 2014, Bayside Leader (Joh Andrews and Dina McCauley)
After an increase in family violence cases in the Bayside Medicare Local area, Rosie Batty is teaming up with the group (chair is Dr Michael Nolan) to help better educate GPs about the warning signs.  In a year, Hanover see 2,500 children, the majority of them there because of a family violence circumstance.

Housing affordability crisis puts heat on Fitzroy’s Hanover

17 June 2014, Fitzroy Leader (Nic Price)
Outreach worker Kate Ribton-Turner talks about Hanover’s services and calls for contributions to support Hanover.

Kingston rents out of reach
4 June 2014, Chelsea Mordialloc Menton News (Steve Taylor)
Discussion surrounding Hanover’s support of Kingston Residents struggling with rental prices.

Rapped to be here

3 June 2014, Progress Leader (Greg Gliddon)
Story of Fablice Manirakiza, a refugee from Burundi, who found safety teaching music through support from Hanover.

Housing Crisis leaves young out in the cold
3 June 2014, Glen Eira Leader
Coverage of the support given to former Hanover resident Jess, only one of the young people effected by the affordable housing crisis.

South Melbourne charity says young at the frontline of affordable housing crisis
3 June 2014, Port Phillip Leader (Dana McCauley)
Discussion of the vital support given to young people by Hanover due to the affordable housing crisis.

Hanover Welfare Services clocks up 50 years
22 May 2014, Probono Australia
Coverage of Hanover 50 year anniversary and information about the Education First Youth Foyer program.

Unemployed youth budget loses

14 May 2014, The New Daily (Jackson Stiles)
Tony Keenan talks about how the new budget is  putting young people at further risk of homelessness.

Giving a rental helping hand to homeless
29 April 2014, The Age (Miki Perkins)
Information about Hanover’s successful private rental access program.

Graduating in home study of life skills
12 April 2014, The Age (Miki Perkins)
Education First Youth Foyer student, Kirsty Broadfoot, shares her story of the Holmesglen TAFE in Glen Waverly.

Housing services say reform at state level is vital

31 March 2014, ABC Breakfast TV
Interview with Tony Keenan – sector is “very pleased” with the announcement of continued funding for the National Homelessness Agreement, but state-level reforms are vital.

Abbott tries to reassure states on homelessness funding

11 March 2014, ABC PM program
Interview with Tony Keenan advocating for the Government to recommit to funding the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness.

“Greens are go for charity”

3 March 2014, The Dandenong Journal
Post coverage of the City of Greater Dandenong’s ‘Take a swing for charity’ Golf Day and summary of the funds raised.

“Golfers get in the swing for charity at Sandhurst”

16 February 2014, Herald Sun (Melissa Townsend)
Coverage of the ‘Take a swing for charity’ golf day at Sandhurst Golf Course, urging for participants.

“Chipping in for charity”

10 February 2014, The Dandenong Leader
Coverage about the City of Greater Dandenong’s ‘Take a swing for charity’ Golf Day of which Hanover was charity recipient.

“On course for charity”
10 February 2014, The Dandenong Jounal
Coverage of the City of Greater Dandenong’s ‘Take a swing for charity’ Golf Day of which Hanover was charity recipient.

“The story of Lisa, a homeless Melbourne musician and singer and how she survives at  Christmas”

30 December 2013, ABC NewsRadio (Cathy Bell)
ABC NewsRadio interviews Lisa, a Melbourne musician, about her experience with homelessness at Christmas and how she found Hanover.

Insight into homelessness at Christmas

23 December 2014, Channel 10 (Mark O’Brien)
Hanover clients comment on their experience of homelessness at Christmas.

23 December 2014, ABC 774 (Glen Bartholomew Mornings)
Hanover Client, Vanessa Hillier, provides insight in homelessness at Christmas

Initiative provides a roof and an education for homeless youth
16 August 2013, ABC 7.30 VIC (Guy Stayner)
Story by ABC’s 7.30 Report (VIC) on the opening of Hanover and the Brotherhood of St Laurence’s new Youth Foyer at Holmesglen’s Waverley campus.

“Rental affordability plunges in south-east”

15 July 2013, The Age (Craig Butt)
Hanover CEO, Tony Keenan, comments on the drop in affordable private rental properties in previously affordable suburbs in Melbourne’s south-east.

Charity gives children confidence to learn
25 June 2013, Leader Newspapers
The Hanover Children’s Tutor Program featured in articles in the Port Phillip Leader and the Moorabbin Glen Eira Leader, in support of our Winter Tax Appeal.

“Housing shortages forcing people on the streets and into squats”
29 April 2013, ABC Radio National PM Current Affairs (Madeleine Morris)
With private rentals increasingly unaffordable and the public housing under critical stress, more and more people are turning to the streets and to squatting, with the dangerous consequences that can bring. Hanover contributed to this story by arranging for the reporter, Madeleine Morris, to speak with Ben, a squatter. Read the transcript and listen to the story here. Walk through Ben’s squat with him on video here.

Homelessness fears aired for older Australians
19 April 2013, ABC Radio Gippsland, Victoria
Tony Keenan speaks with ABC Radio Gippsland about the recent launch of the Ageing Out of Place research report, conducted with Housing for the Aged Action Group and funded by the Mercy Foundation. Read the ABC Radio news report here and listen to the news report here (4:20 minutes in).

Read about Hanover’s research into Ageing and Homelessness here.

“Waverley’s Holmesglen TAFE to help homeless and disadvantaged young people”

10 February 2013, Waverley Leader (Angus Evison)

Read about the Youth Foyer project here.

Vicki, Vince and 105,235 homeless
13 November 2012, The Age (Daniella Miletic)
New census figures released on Monday, show people experiencing homelessness make up 0.5 per cent of the population. Homelessness rose by 20 per cent in Victoria, fuelled mainly by people sleeping in overcrowded accommodation, who make up almost 40 per cent of the homeless population. Click here to read the article about Vince and Vicki, two people supported by Hanover.

“A hearth for the homeless”

12 October 2012, The Age (Russell Skelton)

Hanover takes out top Community Partnership Award

17 October 2012, Pro Bono News

“Lack of services pushes homeless dads to despair”

1 October 2012, The Age (Daniella Miletic)

Download the report about Hanover’s research into fathers and homelessness here.

A crisis in crisis accomodation”

28 February 2012, Channel 10 TV The Project

“No longer home sweet home”

23 February 2012, Yarra Ranges Weekly Voice and 12 Fairfax Community newspapers (Melissa Cunningham)

Social inclusion panel discussion, with Hanover client Pete Burns

09 January 2012, ABC Radio National Drive (audio) with Waleed Aly

“Call for urgent changes to crisis accomodation” and “Death highlights lack of crisis accomodation”
30 January 2012, ABC Radio News 774 Melbourne (Peta Carlyon)
30 January 2012, ABC Radio AM Current affairs (Peta Carlyon and Tony Eastley)

“Violent end for troubled young man who couldn’t find a bed”

29 January 2012, The Age (John Elder and Mark Russell)

“Homeless threat for low paid workers”

26 January 2012, The Age (Ben Schneiders)

“The family face of a national housing crisis”

22 December 2011, The Australian (Stephen Lunn)

“Homeless people in need over holiday period”

17 December 2011, ABC TV News Victoria

“Sweet charity not enough to help when needed most”

20 December 2011, The Age (Michelle Griffin)

“Home truths about homelessness”

15 November 2011, Greater Dandenong Weekly Times (Sarah O’Connor)

“Pair do their bit for Hanover”

11 November 2011, The Age (Adam Cooper)

“It’s tough out there if you’re a single parent and roofless”

09 June 2011, The Age (Michelle Griffin)

“Call to give homeless special job help”

11 April 2011, The Australian (Patricia Karvelas and Stephen Lunn)

“Baby boomer wave heralds new housing crisis”

07 March 2011, The Age (Michelle Griffin)

“Education and life skills the key to combating homelessness”

19 January 2011, The Age (Tony Keenan, Op Ed article)

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