Hannah’s story


Hannah and her partner Max first came to Hanover two years ago when Hannah was three months pregnant. Hannah and Max had been staying with friends when they were all told they had to vacate the property. They had nowhere to go and were referred to Bob’s Place (Hanover’s Dandenong service) crisis accommodation. They stayed there until they were able to move into a private rental unit. Hannah still keeps in contact with Hanover and her Support Worker Sheetal.

This is Hannah’s Story.

“Hanover helped me with a reference for a house and the application. When I got approved for the place I was ecstatic. At first I was a bit lost, but having Sheetal there to help really kept me together and really helped me
move on and start with my life.”

I needed help with furniture; I had no white goods and things like that. Sheetal mentioned that Hanover had funds [from the generous donations Hanover receives] that could help out with some of these things. Being pregnant and being on a New Start Allowance was really tough. All of that was so much organising; I couldn’t have done it without her.

She helped us move, even drove me to my new house and settled me in. She helped me with getting a bed. By the time I had moved in, the bed was being delivered that very day. Within a week, I had a fridge and a washing machine delivered, which I didn’t expect. It was really fantastic.

She also helped me with referrals to get help from other sources as well. And food vouchers to stock up on things. It was just amazing how many angles Hanover can reach out to and get help from.

Here I am, nearly two years later, and I have another house. I have my car going. I am now studying my aged care certificate to be an aged care nurse; I would love to be a nurse. Soon I will be close to full-time and have three days a week placement to get my experience up and next year I will be in the door to be a volunteer.

I heard on the radio that one in 6 people are having problems paying rent, even with work. You have to be one of the lucky ones I suppose because rent and bills have gone up so much.

Hanover helped my partner [through the Employment Services program] to find work. It took him a while to get work. He is working fulltime now. I have been tempted to go back to work because it is tough trying to get by. We now have two cars, trying to pay for petrol, bills and rent, and then taking care of a child; it can all be very overwhelming.

I would like to keep studying and be a nurse. It is three years of study and it’s hard; and the cost of everything, it will depend how we can shuffle it as a family. Being able to take time to study is quite healthy for me.

I feel positive about the future. I am excited about building my family; we are planning on having more kids in the future when the time is right. Zenith is going to be in day-care soon. He is about the age where it’s really healthy for him to mingle with other kids. I want for my son just to be happy and healthy.

I hope my partner finds work that he’s happy with. He is content at the moment but like I said, he is working a low wage job. I know a lot of people out there that have partners who would feel the same. I just want him to be happy as well.

I am glad that we are together and not back on the street. We have a home and a roof over our heads – that is the main thing.

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