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Leaving a bequest in your Will to Hanover is a way in which you can leave a lasting legacy to help support people experiencing homelessness in Victoria.

We encourage you to contact us if you intend to leave a lasting gift to help Hanover, and provide us with the opportunity to recognise your generosity and keep you updated with our work. Call our Community Relations team on 1800 720 660, or email supporters@hanover.org.au .

How to leave a bequest

If you’re considering leaving a bequest to Hanover, we strongly encourage you to discuss your wishes with your family.

There are 3 ways to leave a bequest in your Will:

  • After meeting all your personal commitments you can choose to leave Hanover the balance or residue of your estate
  • You can choose to leave a percentage of your estate
  • You can choose to leave a specific amount

Things to consider when making a bequest

When making a Will or changing an existing Will, we respectfully suggest that you consult a trustee or a qualified solicitor who will ensure your wishes are clearly and legally stated.

To ensure that your wishes are carried out you may choose to use the following wording:

I GIVE to HANOVER WELFARE SERVICES, free of all duties, the <residue of my Estate> or <   __% of my estate> or <sum of $ >

AND I DECLARE  that a receipt under the hand of either the Chairman of Directors, the Secretary of the Chief Executive Officer of such company for the time being is a good and sufficient discharge to my Trustees for the payment and satisfaction of the legacy.

Further information

If you would like to talk to someone about leaving a bequest, please contact our Community Relations team on 1800 720 660, or email supporters@hanover.org.au.


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