Family Focus: case study


Sylvia* approached Hanover last year after losing her job. As a single mum with five children, she was very worried about paying rent and outstanding utility bills. Although Sylvia had some good friends around her, she didn’t have any family to offer financial support, and her ex-partner was unable to help. Sylvia knew she needed to find another job but didn’t know where to start. The pressure of rent and bill payments meant she wasn’t far away from facing homelessness.

Our support worker worked out a plan with Sylvia. Immediate needs, like paying the rent and bills were resolved by providing some financial support. This meant that she could focus on getting on the public housing waiting list, and finding a cheaper rental property. Sylvia was also put in touch with our Employment Services team who enrolled her in a child care course, increasing her employment opportunities.

The family is now in a more affordable home and Sylvia has a work placement close to home. After getting budgeting advice, Sylvia now feels in control of her finances and is debt free, meaning she can concentrate on finishing her course and getting long term employment.

* Not her real name.

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