Case study – working at Hanover


Moreen has always wanted to help people make positive changes to their lives and at Hanover “this is what I get to do each day”. As a ‘Housing Initial Assessment and Planning Worker’ (HIAP) at the Cheltenham Hanover branch Moreen provides support and advice to young people aged 16-24 who are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of homelessness.

A typical day for Moreen is spent responding to enquiries from a range of people including clients, workers from government departments, NGOs and health services, having appointments with young people seeking crisis accommodation or housing advice and ‘making referrals’. Referrals is probably the most significant part of Moreen’s job and involves helping and advocating for clients in their search for an often scarce vacancy in either crisis accommodation or transitional housing.

For Moreen, working at Hanover is rewarding not just because of the opportunity to help clients develop their potential but for the supportive environment of her team and the opportunities Hanover provides to her own career development. Since Moreen started at Hanover in 2007 she has taken up many professional development training opportunities that have been predominately funded by Hanover.

Working at Hanover, Moreen is able to fulfil her goal of helping people and undertake further studies due to the flexibility and support available to her. It is this supportive environment and team work ethic where the focus is always on providing the best opportunities and outcomes for clients that, for Moreen, makes Hanover such an enjoyable place to work.

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Working at Hanover

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