Executive and Board


Our Executive team

Across our seven Melbourne sites we have more than 200 staff, an Executive and Leadership team, and a diverse and committed Board of Directors working together to achieve our mission and values.

Our Executive team is: Chief Executive Officer – Tony Keenan; General Manager Corporate Services – Steve Timmerman; General Manager HR and Change – Jacqui Andrews; General Manager Housing and Support Services – Richie Goonan; General Manager Education and Employment – Sharon Waitzer; Acting General Manager Communications and Fundraising – Fin Bird.

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Our Board of Directors

Hanover is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors, elected at our Annual General Meeting every November. Our Board members come from a broad range of backgrounds bringing their networks, knowledge and expertise to Hanover’s work. Our current Board is chaired by Geoff Nicholson.

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Do you need help with housing?

Hanover understands that becoming homeless or living with the threat of losing your home is an extremely stressful situation.

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Client Stories

People come to Hanover for many different reasons and from many diverse backgrounds. Please take time to read a few of their stories.

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