2012-2017 Strategic Plan


Hanover’s current Strategic plan is focussed on the theme of ‘Leading Empowerment and Change’.  To download a copy of the Strategic plan click here.

About the plan

Hanover will celebrate fifty years of service during the life of this strategic plan. To honour our history and achievements, Hanover’s Board of Directors want to challenge themselves and the organisation to build even further on our great work of empowerment and change.

Empowerment means that we will always support and develop programs which enable clients to change their lives for the long term. It means working with people to get skills and employment and working with families to make sure their children are not only housed but in school as well. It also means working with clients to enable them to improve or manage their health so that it is not the cause of recurring homelessness. Empowerment means working with entire communities to stop people from becoming homeless in the first place.

We will certainly be held to greater account by our funders who will require us to deliver outcomes rather than throughputs. However we want to do much more than simply meet contracts; Hanover will define the outcomes that we want to achieve for clients – the outcomes we know will truly empower individuals and bring about changes that will have a real impact.

More than ever we have to strengthen our resource base. Our most important resource is our people and we want to invest over the next five years to ensure that our staff are supported to learn, to challenge, to innovate, to be creative and to continue their strong focus on achieving outcomes for clients. We also need to grow our financial resources. This will require us to expand both our government and private streams of income.

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Do you need help with housing?

Hanover understands that becoming homeless or living with the threat of losing your home is an extremely stressful situation.

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Client Stories

People come to Hanover for many different reasons and from many diverse backgrounds. Please take time to read a few of their stories.

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